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    Dear Dad

    You mean so very much to me,
    And I want you to know
    That you are always in my heart,
    No matter where I go.

    You’re always giving, always there
    To help in any way;
    The loving things you’ve done for me,
    I never could repay.

    I can’t imagine what I’d do
    Without the love you give.
    I’ll treasure your sweet heart of gold
    As long as I shall live.


    Thank You Dad

    Thank you for the laughter,
    For the good times that we share,
    Thanks for always listening,
    For trying to be fair.

    Thank you for your comfort,
    When things are going bad,
    Thank you for the shoulder,
    To cry on when I’m sad.

    This poem is a reminder that
    All my life through,
    I’ll be thanking Heaven
    For a Special Dad like you.


    What Makes A Dad

    God took the strength of a mountain,
    The majesty of a tree,
    The warmth of a summer sun,
    The calm of a quiet sea,

    The generous soul of nature,
    The comforting arm of night,
    The wisdom of the ages,
    The power of the eagle’s flight,

    The joy of a morning in spring,
    The faith of a mustard seed,
    The patience of eternity,
    The depth of a family need,

    Then God combined these qualities,
    When there was nothing more to add,
    He knew His masterpiece was complete,
    And so, He called it … Dad


    A Father’s Day Poem

    A Dad is a person
    who is loving and kind,
    And often he knows
    what you have on your mind.

    He’s someone who listens,
    suggests, and defends.
    A dad can be one
    of your very best friends!

    He’s proud of your triumphs,
    but when things go wrong,
    A dad can be patient
    and helpful and strong

    In all that you do,
    a dad’s love plays a part.
    There’s always a place for him
    deep in your heart.

    And each year that passes,
    you’re even more glad,
    More grateful and proud
    just to call him your dad!

    Thank you, Dad…
    for listening and caring,
    for giving and sharing,
    but, especially, for just being you