Çanakkale Savaşının Hikayesi İngilizce

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  1. Çanakkale Savaşı İngilizce Anlatımı


    First Documentary by Turks on Gallipoli Champain and underwater search, See history in the Depths.

    The first-waterway on the way of Istanbul, the place where a century was collapsed, the place where 500,000 soldiers lost their lives at Gallipoli, homeland of many civizilations including the ancient city known as Troy, the city of Heroes:

    Çanakkale, one of the Turkish cities, located on the Hellespoint at the north-west part of Turkiye.The city has always been strategically important because it has been a crossing point for armies, traders, migrating people since before history.


    The Dardanelles Strait is one of the most important geological feature of Çanakkale. This is the almost 60 km (38 miles) long ribbon of water separating the continent of Europe from the Asia Minor. Throughout history, anyone who controlled this gateway commanded a highly strategic area. There are many stories told about this place.

    The first known story of the Dardanelles is the story of Helle. In the ancient times, the Dardanelles were known as the Hellespont, "Helle's sea" , named after a mythical Boetian princess who was drown in its waters. According to Greek mythology, when King Athamas' children, Phryxus and Helle, were sent away by their stepmother. While passing over the straits on a ram with golden fleece, Princess Helle fell into the water.

    Another lovey story is told ear to ear; Abydose and Sestus were two town of ancient Çanakkale that faced one another across the Straits. Leander was a handsome youth from Abydos who was in love with an Aphrodite priestess, Hero. Every night he would swim from Abydos to Sestus to see her. One night there was a terrible storm and he had never arrived. Hero, asuming that Leander had drowned, threw herself into the sea.

    Dardanelles played an important role at World War I. British and its Allies, who wanted to take Istanbul, could not pass through the Dardanelles. The eight month-long struggle between the Allies and Turkish forces is known as the Battle of Gallipoli. So serious were the casualties on both sides, that Winston CHURCHILL, Prime Minister of England, was removed from his office.

    Every year of April 25th, Gallipoli is invaded again not by Allied troops, but by their descendants, other veterans, and tourists. The sounds of the riffle fire ring out at Anzac Cove, but this time as a salute to hereos by the Turkish Honor Guard.

    When you reach Galliboli Pennisula you can feel the spirit of the heroes of the battle. Today Galliboli pennisula is a national park and is open to all visitors who come to pay respect in many military burial grounds. Blow are the words of Ataturk, the famous Turkish commander of Gallipoli and the founders of modern Turkish Republic.

    " Those heroes that shed their blood and
    lost their lives...! You are now lying in
    the soul of a friendly country, therefore
    rest in peace. There is no differences between
    the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they
    lie side by side here in this country of ours...

    You, the mothers who sent their sons from far away
    countries wipe away your tears. Your sons are now
    lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having
    lost their lives on this land they have become
    our sons as well."

    ATATURK, (1934).

    Before city of Çanakkale was built, people has settled a place which is 7 km away from the southern entrance of the Hellespont and north of the Scamander river ( Menderes Nehri ). Troy (Truva) , also called Illium, is located at Hissarlik today. Wooden Horse and the Archilles' Hell come from here. Troy is spoken of in the Illiad and the Odyssey in the tale of Helen , the most beautiful woman whose beauty was said to have launced the Trojan War. Troy existed for 4000 years and suddenly disappeared from the Earth until the ruins at Hisarlik were discovered in 1800s. In addition, Dardanos, Abydos, Assos, Sestos, and Gallipolis are located in the region of Çanakkale.