Çanakkale Savaşının İngilizce Anlatımı

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  1. çanakkale savaşı ingilizce tanıtımı


    Russia wanted help from ally that was in a pickle from economic situation
    çanakkale’s aspects opened that want help to russia with gate
    the ottoman empire will captured to capital,turkish compulsion will cancelled on with suez kanal and ındian sea way, new aspect will open against to central powers out of Thrace and they will be press peace to ottoman empire

    english and french’s fleet made bombardment to apology line of turkısh that astride dardanelles as of 19 february 1915
    this bombardments continued to 18 march that very acute at times.english and french’s fleet dıdnt bring of in attempt of landing and they came off a loser in 18 march 1915

    english made a transfer to gallipoli with became join to ındıan and anzac’s soldier under command hamilton in 25 april 1915 that understand enter to çanakkale

    Mustafa Kemal trounced that became 19. division commander to enemy forces in arıburnu,anafartalar,conkbayırı.

    war of canakkale showed from good enemy forces who management good commander under the turkısh soldiers that already dont defeate to the world.

    palm of canakkale caused obviated gallipoli and ıstanbul that didnt pass into the hands of the allies and ıt caused revolution in russia which dıdnt take help from allied

    tsarist russia came down and russia repaired from war.1.world war lenthened.

    this palm caused that won in the canakkale,came to the fore of Mustafa Kemal from turkısh people and became leader of national conflict.