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  1. Çirkin ördek yavrusu ingilizce özet

    Mother Duck eggs are patiently waiting to break out of your time is complete, the duck began to fry eggs, but the latest and most large egg white shell of the egg finally -----ed kırılmıyordu a kind of gray and different than the others under the puppy's head appeared to duck yavruya looking at the new-born mother duck, "I hope that changes" Time was moving she said tenderly, but all the animals in the flock duck puppy griydi color still are making fun of him, her "ugly duckling" he sesleniyorlardı

    Poor little unhappy that we decided to go away at the end of the day were very tired at night we walked along the break gave the hunger on the one hand, on the one hand but could do nothing to fear falling into a deep sleep there is no quick

    The next morning, opened his eyes the night sounds of the water having fun crazy wild ördeklerinin a small lake was getting ready to introduce himself to have spent more than his friends knew this noisy with the sound of a rifle startled away from there without losing any time on a farm so had not found the owner of the farm itself is a small duck feeding over her fire, the old woman But let the baby sleep next to a duck lake in hopes of getting away from there

    Random to find a lake for days, finally went on his way to a lake shore, was learning to live alone in the meantime, reached the shores of this lake duck baby was growing by the day he was changing image of the past without being aware of their noble stance and beautiful appearance swans because it sees the internal pulling

    Shore of the lake, a flock of swans came to nest in the spring yavrusuyla ugly duck approached to meet him in this elegant, but very ugly and rude buluyorduBirden birds for one-to-water, contrary to the what he saw!

    He realized that turned into a beautiful swan kuğuya joined the flock and was happy for life