Malatyanın İngilizce Tanıtımı Kısaca

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  1. Malatya'nın tanıtımı ingilizce

    Area: 12.313 km²

    Population: 702.055 (1990)

    Traffic Code: 44

    The province of Malatya is located at the Upper Firat river basin area of the Eastern Anatolian Region. The area had been inhabited since the Neolithic ages, mainly because of its geographic position at the crossroads of major trade routes; the famous Route of Kings and the Silk Road. It is a busy modern city in a huge fertile region with a major agricultural industry thanks to its rich water supply, and is Turkey’s biggest apricot producer. It is a popular base from which to visit Nemrut Dagi, which is a day trip. Another interesting day trip is to Eski Malatya (Old Malatya), 12km north of the modern city, which is a ruined Roman town with remains of some old city walls, mosques and caravanserais.

    Districts: Malatya (center), Akçadağ, Arapkir, Arguvan, Battalgazi, Darende, Doğanşehir, Doğanyol, Hekimhan, Kale, Kuluncak, Pötürge, Yazıhan, Yeşilyurt.