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  1. Paris şehri ingilizce tanıtımı

    PARİS (LAND LOVERS) Paris France's capital and the Île-de-France region is the center. You point to the river, was founded in the middle of Paris Basin. Who reside in Paris Parisien (ne) he is addressing. Monuments all over the world, artistic and cultural life with the well-known (known) at the same time the Paris an important city in world history (the city), although the main economic and political centers are among the crossing points and international transport constitutes one of the. Is the world capital of fashion and luxury, and "City of Light" (Ville de Lumière) is known as . In 2004 the population within the city limits of Paris was 2,153,600 people It is estimated by. Paris took the name from Paris is the name lerden Parisii of Gallic peoples. "Paris" of the Romans in fact "Lutetia" instead they use "Civitas Parisiorum" (Parisiilerin city) was formed as a result of name changes over time. Paris also to the region around the city ( "Parisis") was the name given. Cormeilles-en-Parisis, and the names of Fontenay-en-Parisis in cities such as it is encountered. This is exactly the name of the source bilinememektadir. Paris has much in Welsh quarry pursuant to the "kwar" (stone quarry) words may be coming from. In another etymology has been proposed. Pierre Hubac and Cheikh Anta Diop'a, according Parisiilerin name of the Egyptian goddess Isis in Paris İsis'ten comes because many temples dedicated to ancient Egypt or in the language "per Isis" were found. De Paris under the name of a legend wave patterns in deep sea with the legendary city of Ys anar. Maurice Druon "Paris à Saint Louis de César" (Caesar from the St. Louis until Paris) in his book Paris to the name of Welsh "par" (ship) claims that the word came from. Shape is similar to the ship, built on water, living water, and the name of the debtor who have received maybe a city of water. The Lutèce'in an island of prosperity "sailors" provided by the ship as a symbol of and sailors formed the emblem of the city. ANCIENT AGE The prehistoric settlement between Gallic-Roman period is not much about what's happening is not known. Ensure that the single point of Caesar's troops in the country while browsing the region is that judges are still Parisiiler. BC as the date of setting up some Parisiilerin Paris Shows between 250 and 200 years, but there is no significant evidence. BC In 52 years of Julius Caesar's lieutenant when the Romans conquered the city of Paris Labienus by "Lutetia" (French for: Lutèce) has been called. Task capital Lugdunum Gaul (Lyon) were in the city. He placed exactly where the usual Gallic city where there is no precise information about. Here a long time been thought to be the île de la Cité'de work but because of the subway up and down on this island, and no trace has been excavated çalışmalrı to be found. Gallic city or île Saint-Louis, which today merged with the opposite shore of the river has created Bièvre was found on an island in the delta may have. According to another hypothesis is widely debated first established Gallic village not far away from the direction of the hill is Valerien Nanterre'deki. Rome 1 century to the river's left bank was established. City's Saint-Germain Boulevard and the Val-de-rue Grâce'a is thought to extend Descartes'tan jardins du Luxembourg'a. Lutèce in a Cardo (main street in the city of Rome in the north-south direction) the rue Saint-Jacques consisting of perpendicular streets around the structure was located in a city. As in the Roman city forum, baths, theaters, arenas and the city necropolis were found MEDİEVAL paris is currently 5th in the name of Century will receive and obtain the victory against the Romans and then by Frank King of Dynasty I. Merovenj Clovis in the year 508 settled in Paris as the capital makes here. The right bank of the river to the 6th century since it was founded a church is notable: Saint-Gervais church (now Hôtel de ville 'is located in the rear. 9th-century Saint-Gervais and Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois of the church (today is located near the Louvre) to protect the wall around the building was. the river left bank in 885 by Viking yokedilmiştir completely. 987 Throne in the Capet dynasty passed. Paris, Orleans with the dynasty's personal wealth was located within. This is the ancestor of the dynasty I. Eudes city against the Viking defense has been known